Human Circle Project

Human Circle: A growing pattern of collaborations is a public collaborative drawing project initiated and run by artists Pramila Choudhary (PdD candidate in Geography, Concordia University and textile artist) and Sabina Rak (MFA student in Print Media, Concordia University). 

It is based on the idea of the circle. A universal symbol of both nothing and everything, of the individual and the universal, the circle stands here for the simplest form that, through addition and collaboration, can create an organic pattern. 

What we propose is a collective drawing action: an action of co-creation of a patchwork of art mimicking the growth of an idea, of an organism, of shared interests into a larger, more cohesive whole. The project also challenge the participants to rethink the idea of the circle and of the individual mark. How many ways are there to draw circles? As many as there are individuals.

Drawing with various communities creates spaces of exchange, of fun, of conversations, but sometimes also of just peace and meditation. We meet the participants where they are at in their day. And we find that the little skill we require to participate (everyone can draw a circle or a dot!), encourages people to experiment and engage with those who draw with them on a common goal, that of creating together.


Works that came out of the public collaborations