Maureen VI (2021)

July 15th - August 1st, 2021

This year, MFASASA (Master of Fine Arts Studio Arts Student Association, Concordia University) has put together a decentralized exhibition, a publication, and a website in response to a year of restricted access, social isolation, and a greater shift towards virtual spaces. Each aspect of Maureen VI offers different ways of sharing art and facilitates participation for artists who are not physically in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke:. It has also encouraged reflection on how and where we expect to encounter art. Several of the exhibition sites are not traditional art spaces, some projects are not physically accessible to the public, while others are presented in surprising locations to be chanced upon by passersby. We invite you to refer to our website for the full spectrum of events happening under the umbrella of Maureen VI.

Projet Sabina Rak : CHEZ MOI

  • Art will move in Chez toi. From a work created for the project, I will make posters. And within the network of young people who volunteered, each will ‘install’ their posters in their own room, or playroom, or any other place in their house where they spend a lot of time.

  • The art I make is meant to reach everyone. Art wants to get invited in one’s universe, to render that space more interesting, or joyful, or to make one dream… it all depends on what one chooses to live with. This time, I am asking each participant not to choose, but to receive. And see how that experience acts on them, as a young member of a restrained network of very private galleries.

  • Places of exhibition
    CHEZ Maïa Sofia Alessia, Montréal

    CHEZ Charlotte, Rosemont, Montréal
    CHEZ Simone, Rosemont, Montréal
    CHEZ Nola, L’Assomption
    CHEZ Bastien, L’Assomption
    CHEZ Lili-Rose, Saint-Laurent, Montréal
    CHEZ Éloi, Saint-Laurent, Montréal
    CHEZ Raphaël, Saint-Laurent, Montréal

    CHEZ Victor K., Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal
    CHEZ Daria M., Saint-Laurent, Montréal

    CHEZ Timothée, Cartierville, Montréal
    CHEZ Madeleine, Cartierville, Montréal
    CHEZ Alex Stefan M., Saint-Laurent, Montréal
    CHEZ Elsie R., NDG, Montréal
    CHEZ Morgane, Gaspésie

    CHEZ Sarah, Gaspésie
    CHEZ Yohann, Cartierville, Montréal
    CHEZ Gabriel, Saint-Laurent, Montréal
    CHEZ Gabriella, Ottawa
    CHEZ Raphael, Ottawa
    CHEZ Matias, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal
    CHEZ Julian, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal




Press Release
Poster Sabina Rak
CHEZ Elsie
CHEZ Maïa Sofia Alessia
CHEZ Simone & Charlotte
CHEZ Morgane & Sarah
CHEZ Gabriel
CHEZ Victor
CHEZ Madeleine & Timothée
CHEZ Gabriella & Raphael
CHEZ Matias & Julian
CHEZ Alex & Daria
CHEZ Nola & Bastien
CHEZ Yohann
CHEZ Lili-Rose
CHEZ Raphaël M